Our Venture Catalyst (VC) consulting assists owners and entrepreneurs to grow new or existing business opportunities with the end goal of maximizing value of and the return on investment.

Our goal is to assist companies in all phases of their business cycles. Proteus strives to be both a strategic and financial partner with your business - sharing your vision and providing the resources needed to succeed in your venture.

Proteus recognizes the need for discretion and the benefit of surprise during the execution of critical business strategies and initiatives. We stake our organization on our honesty, trust and ethics. Our partnership with your organization is never minimized. Conflicts of interest and ethical issues are highly scrutinized and declared with every business encounter.

Business Plan Development - We assist our clients in the development and writing of business plans, presenting their vision in a manner that is both compelling and attractive to investors.

Typical business plan objectives
Secure private funding for a start-up
Raise private capital or debt for strategic objectives and projects
Sell a business
Create a strategic plan
Develop a joint venture or alliance

Management Buyout Consulting - We assist corporate executives of large corporations realize their life-long dream of becoming an entrepreneur by helping them transition from the corporate environment to the life of a business owner.

Exit Strategy Consulting - Our Exit Strategy Consulting offers business owners with solutions that will help improve the cash flow and maximize the value of their business.

We tailor professional business plans and financial models to successfully meet our client’s objectives, maximizing the return to owners by making their company more attractive to potential buyers.