Owners who seek to maximize the return on their life’s investment will often engage us to develop an exit strategy for their business. Prior to selling a business, there are typically several opportunities for enhancing the cash flow and overall value of a company.

The process begins by first developing a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) that assesses a business from an investor’s point of view. This document often uncovers key areas for improvement and allows an owner to make value enhancing changes to the business or anticipate and prepare for potential objections from a prospective buyer.

This document also provides us with an understanding of your business so that we can offer solutions to not only solve current issues, but also to enhance the scalability of your business and position it for growth.

Once your business is ready for sale, the CIM is updated and acts as a sales document that provides prospective buyers with a comprehensive understanding of your company.

We assist executives in transitioning from the large corporate environment to the entrepreneurial world of a business owner. Our engagements typically fall into one of the following 3 categories:

Small to Middle Market Buyout - An executive or company hires us to search and conduct preliminary due diligence for small to middle market businesses for them to acquire with their own personal funds or company funds.

Buyout Partnership with Private Equity Firm - An executive hires us to search for a roll-up opportunity, develop the business plan and presentation material to obtain funding from a Private Equity Group for an acquisition that might be beyond their financial capability.

Management Buyout of a Division - An executive hires us to lead them through the buyout of their business unit from their parent company.

Executives that want to become entrepreneurs engage us for the following reasons:

Anonymity – less risk of compromising their current employment.
Minimize Time – maximizing their time spent on high quality investment opportunities.
Instant Creditability – business owners and other intermediaries are more forth coming and receptive to an M&A Firm than they are to a private individual.

We invest with our clients, and therefore our success tied to the success of all our business ventures.