Proteus gathers a comprehensive knowledge of facts, circumstances, and relevant factors pertaining to the subject company. We identify and evaluate opportunities to improve your company’s Economic Profit to strategically position it for substantial value-creating growth.

A particular valuation technique that is appropriate for one company at one point in time may not be appropriate for that company at another point of time or for another company at any time. We tailor our valuation reports to model the target firm by clarifying value and risks. Essentially, Proteus focuses on the economic value of a business, while considering the financial value.

Value Chain Analysis provides a macro perspective that extends beyond direct competitor benchmarking by analyzing the total value chain of your industry. Implications drawn from this analysis might support or redirect your long-term business strategy to include backward or forward integration, or simply a change in your tactics with your suppliers or customers in order to shift the bargaining power to your favor.

The success of a merger is measured by the value enhancement of the acquiring firm or economic value, and therefore different valuation approaches are often appropriate depending on the buyers - value takes the form of revenue enhancement, cost savings, and the synergies of human capital.